Emporia Brands is a spirits importer, exporter and innovator which is relentless in seeking, around the world, distillers who respect artisan traditions of quality, in both the ingredients and process, and shun industrial shortcuts in the pursuit of truly great drinks. We have made many friends among these producers, in some cases now over three generations, and these brands all have great reputations as a result of their craft methods of production. Our small talented Emporia team now reach every market for fine spirits, including independent merchants and retailers and, thanks to a network of highly skilled distributors, to bars at every level nationally, and to our nation's world class bartenders, some of whom have kindly agreed to be photographed here with a personal favourite. Our record of innovation is in bringing most of our brands to the UK market for the first time and in our collaboration with bartenders and retail partners developing exciting new spirit libations. - James Rackham, Founder.