Enter into a history packed with taste, the history of a distillery which has inherited ancestral traditions bUt certainly knows how to move with the times. Distilleries et Domaines de Provence selected the location of Forcalquier, the capital of flavours and fragrances, where it has remained to this day. In the heart of rural Provence, in an authentic setting between mountains and scrublands, it lovingly rewrites the recipes for its Aperitifs and Spirits. No need to wonder where this subtle blend of many flavours originates. It comes from one of the most fragrant regions of France, where expertly selected ingredients are combined to make products worthy of the “Made in Provence” label. Amandine is deliciously sweetened with almond and vanilla flavours for a velvety-smooth, tender fruity taste. Provence almond with its bitter-sweet taste, combined with fine de Provence and cherry, peach and vanilla infusions lend Amandine its fruity character.

Nose: A fairly complex nose is dominated by almond and cherry stone aromas. Its warm note is reinforced by the vanilla and the bold addition of cherry.

Palate: In the mouth, Amandine is deliciously sweetened with almond and vanilla flavours, for a velvety-smooth tender fruity taste. Displaying a subtle balance of aromatics, Amandine has a beautiful long-lasting taste.