Flatnöse Blended Scotch Whisky is a rich, full-flavoured blend, with hints of pepper and smoke, bottled at a higher strength of 43% vol. like the very best Scotch whiskies, it is unchill-filtered for much greater mouth-feel and persistence. Of course, there is Islay single malt whisky in the blend, to add spicy, peppery notes - we wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy on its own, with ice or indeed with a splash of water or mixer. Silver award winner at the IWSC 2017, bottled in small batches, in a high-quality bottle with a cork enclosure, it is aimed at a more discerning customer. Lord of the Isles - Ketill Flatnose was a Viking King of the Isles, a seafaring warrior who ruled the vast, rugged and wild western seaboard of Scotland in the late 9th century. His successors were the Celtic Lords of the Isles, who rules their domain from their base Finlaggan on the island, Islay. Fiercly independent, lovers of life and community, they raise a glass to the Lords of the Isles and remind themselves to live their lives like they did before - born of adventure! Boys of the Isles - The 'Islay Boys Ltd.', are Donald MacKenzie and Mackay Smith, from the villages of Port Charlotte and Portnahaven respectively, both situated on the Rhinns peninsula on the west of Islay, the mythical whisky island. They grew up amongst the 8 distilleries on Islay, and in their veins flows not blood, but Islay Whisky.

Nose: Gentle and smooth with hints of pepper.

Palate: Initial vivacity, then spices evolving towards cracked black pepper, the whole supported by a rich and even background. Long and persistent, ending in a gentle sweetness.