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Knowledge and expertise of more than 140 years is at the heart of the House of Gabriel Boudier. A name that is now renowned worldwide. Since its foundation in 1874, Gabriel Boudier has invented and diversified into a range of exceptional products that delight enthusiasts of creme de fruits as well as liqueurs. Gabriel Boudier is now synonymous with authentic tastes which we invite you discover, enjoy and share with us.

The Gabriel Boudier Bartender range is par excellence for times of celebration and fun. The name denotes a tend-setter or aficionado, the Bartender range leads the way and keeps you company at sociable and relaxing occasions.

Gabriel Boudier Cherry Brandy is the most famous of all cherry liqueurs. It is made from a blend of sour black cherries of different varieties and brandy carefully selected by Maison Gabriel Boudier. 

Nose: Rich cherry fruit, bakewell tart, toasted almond notes evident from cherry stones.

Palate: Bursting with ripe juicy cherries, rich and concentrated without being syrupy. Brand spirit notes and tartness of the fruit offsets and balances.