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Knowledge and expertise of more than 140 years is at the heart of the House of Gabriel Boudier. A name that is now renowned worldwide. Since its foundation in 1874, Gabriel Boudier has invented and diversified into a range of exceptional products that delight enthusiasts of crème de fruits as well as liqueurs. Gabriel Boudier is now synonymous with authentic tastes which we invite you to discover, enjoy and share with us. In the Crème de Cassis tradition, the Crème de Fruits is dedicated to lovers of variety and different flavours. They are all produced using the same methods as the original crème, a guarantee of quality and the commitment of Maison Boudier. The fruits must meet sever criteria, such as the choice of noble varieties and strict requirements of the inspection laboratory, in particular concerning their maturity and all the phytosanitary processing applied. All fruit crèmes and liqueurs manufactured by Gabriel Boudier are also based on this respect of the fruit. Obtained by macerating selected raspberry varieties from Scotland and Burgundy. Add this raspberry cream to champagne and sparkling wines to produce delicious aperitifs.

Nose: Richly aromatic raspberries with barky, earthy, almost sappy green notes.

Palate: Sweet and syrupy but with a berry tartness going some way to balance the rich fruit.