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Gran Maracame tequila is a traditional hand crafted tequila produced by the Camarena Brothers, the third largest owners of agave plantations in Mexico. Their privileged access to the finest plants from the premium highland region of Arandas creates 100% agave blanco and reposed tequila of exceptional quality. As the 3rd largest owner of agave plantations, the Camarenas are in a perfect position to concentrate on 100% agave tequilas. Maracame tequila is a totally artisan product with every part of the process perfected representing two of Mexico's most important cultural assets: tequila and the native culture. The piñas are traditionally baked in ovens of volcanic rock for more than 3 days, rather than autoclaved. Maracame tequila has a slow three day fermentation with Champagne yeast, distilled at a low temperature and aged in American white oak casks. Each bottle is adorned with a unique handcrafted decoration made by the native Huichol community in the state of Jalisco.

Nose: Intense aromas of honey, vanilla, spices and olives.

Palate: A robust entry leads to glycerols medium-to-full-bodied palate with red pepper, sharp spices like pepper and cinnamon, and olive. Finished with a long wood spice.