Named after Hoxton, East London, Hoxton Gin's bold and unwavering attitude reflects that of the creative centre of London. A neighbourhood which boasts a mixture of artists, writes and rock stars mixing seamlessly with super models, fashion designers and entrepreneurs cross pollinating ideas and changing the way everyone else does things; Hoxton Gin echo's this "anything can happen" attitude and redefines the traditional perception of gin. A gin that is smooth, easy and different from the rest, Hoxton gin is produced at one of the world's leading micro distillers and is made using the finest ethically sourced ingredients. Hoxton Gin uses a medley of natural and ethically sourced ingredients including juniper, iris, tarragon and ginger which are macerated for five days before single distillation in a 150-year-old copper pot still, to obtain the perfect ultra-smooth distillate, which is blended with the premium grain spirit and finished with natural coconut and pink grapefruit. Hoxton Gin is then filtered and rested in steel tanks for two months whilst all the natural botanicals harmonise.

Nose:  Fresh grapefruit dominates the nose, with coconut aromas pushing through slowly.

Palate: Roles are reversed on the palate, with the coconut creating bursts of flavour whilst the grapefruit waits until the long finish. Hints of herb are present too on the lingering aromatic finish.