We are proud to share this series of guides to the cities that are some of Britain’s cocktail hotspots, with their very best bars and mixologists to showcase their skills. In each city we have partnered with nine bartenders in nine bars with nine cocktails, all with a base of Distil No.9 vodka.  It is important to note that this is not a competition; the bars included are listed by city in alphabetical order.  We hope you enjoy the range of cocktails we have gathered here, and your journey around the country safe in the knowledge that you can find great cocktails in each city.

Distil. No9 Small Batch Vodka by Staritsky & Levitsky is a modern interpretation of traditional craft Ukrainian vodka. Staritsky & Levitsky's goal was to bring back the age-old style from vodka's original heartland, western Ukraine, with a focus on the careful selection of local raw materials and the quality of the final product. The production of vodka requires time, patience, and even a share of luck, but most importantly - perseverance.

They tried many combinations of spirit, distillation methods, filtration and water from different sources, and their ninth trial came out on top; hence the name: No.9. To create this special spirit, they selected specific winter wheat grown in the fertile 'black earth' of the western Ukraine, with pure spring water from the Carpathian Mountains. The vodka is distilled five times, with four filtrations through birch charcoal and rhinestone. Distil. No9 is carefully produced in batches limited to just 9,999 bottles.  

Click on the city links to view the Distil. No9 'Mixology Of No.9 Small Cocktail Guides' to view 9 stunning cocktails from some of the best cocktail bars and bartenders throughout the UK. ©Emporia Brands Ltd.  All rights reserved.  No unauthorised reproduction of text or illustrations without our consent.