As part of its 240thanniversary celebrations, the Nardini distillery has published a fresh edition of The Grappa Handbookto promote Italy’s national spirit. It has been printed simultaneously in English and Italian.  

Authored by grappa evangelist Nick Hopewell-Smith, the new book sets out to help F&B professionals and interested consumers alike to gain a better appreciation of grappa as a high quality distillate. It not only explores the drink’s heritage and the production techniques involved, but showcases 45 cocktails from some of the world’s best-known mixologists, amongst them Ueno Hidetsugo; Leonardo Leuci; Sullivan Doh and Ago Perrone.  It also reprises three classic recipes from legendary grappa aficionado, Dale DeGroff. Produced some 11 years after the first edition, which was co-authored by Nick and spirits entrepreneur Marcin Miller, the new book features all-new tasting notes from award-winning drinks writer, David Broom, including his take on the new Selezione Bortolo Nardini range.

Although The Grappa Handbookhas been sponsored by Nardini, the independent family distiller behind Italy’s best-selling premium grappa, it name-checks and recommends a range of alternative brands. The book also catalogues Nardini’s wider drinks portfolio, including its impressive line-up of aperitivi and liqueurs. The London launch of The Grappa Handbook was held at The Four Sisters Townhouse in London EC4. The bar’s manager, Emanuel Dulhaz, is a contributor to the book. The launch was hosted by Nardini’s Managing Director, Antonio Guarda-Nardini.

“If the aim of the original book was to illustrate the care and passion that goes into producing Italy’s national spirit, the new edition demonstrates grappa’s growing versatility and why it warrants a place in any good bar or restaurant,” said Antonio. Single copies of The Grappa Handbookare being made available to professional bartenders and restaurateurs on request. It is also expected to reach consumers through selected retail outlets and via distillery tours at Bassano del Grappa, Nardini’s home since 1779. Nick Hopewell-Smith is a writer and brand consultant, who served as Nardini’s agent for the UK and Ireland between 2004 and 2018. He has worked closely with the distiller’s UK distributor, Emporia Brands since 2006. Nardini’s distributor in Ireland is Ally Alpine’s Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin. Amongst others, UK wholesalers include Speciality Drinks; Alivini; Master of Malt; Enotria; Venus; Carnevale and The