Strega, one of Italy’s most renowned liqueurs, has appointed Emporia Brands as the UK distributor for its range. Strega was created in 1860 in Benevento, southern Italy, by Giuseppe Alberti whose descendants, now in the sixth generation, still own and manage the company. It is a wholly natural product, created by the distillation of botanicals from all over the world. Its unique yet versatile flavour can be enjoyed in many ways: neat, on the rocks or mixed in more sophisticated long drinks and cocktails. The company now produces a range of traditional Italian liqueurs in addition to the flagship brand, and these will be introduced to the UK market during 2019. Giuseppe D’Avino, president of Strega Alberti Benevento SpA and a fifth generation descendent of the founder, commented: “we are delighted to be working with Emporia Brands, like us a company owned and managed by the founder’s family, and with a particular expertise in distributing craft spirits to the best bars and specialists in the UK. We look forward to developing the fame of Strega with them in this highly visible market. We are grateful to our previous distributor, Mondial Wines, for all their efforts in the past.” Jack Rackham, Managing Director of Emporia Brands, added: “We are proud to have been chosen to distribute Strega, truly an iconic Italian brand with a long history, and one that is more relevant today than ever: with its juniper base, it is arguably the original gin liqueur. We look forward to working with the Alberti family to take it to new heights in the UK, and to launching the rest of the range, all of which are crafted with the same care and expertise.”


Strega liqueur is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs. Its processing starts with the grinding and maceration in grain alcohol of many different botanicals, selected from all over the world; these include: Ceylon cinnamon, Florentine iris, Italian Apennine juniper, and Samnite mint, which grows wild along the riverbanks in the whole region. After the steam distillation, the liqueur gets its characteristic yellow colour from the precious saffron that is added to the herb distillate. Strega liqueur is aged in oak or hickory casks to ensure perfect ageing. Strega is Italian for “witch”. Its base, the city of Benevento, is the legendary home of witches’ rites: it is said that witches from all over the world gathered at night around a magical walnut tree, and that they created a magic potion that united forever couples that drank it. This legend is commemorated in the original label design, which is still in use today.


Emporia Brands is a spirits importer, exporter and innovator which is relentless in seeking, around the world, distillers who respect artisan traditions of quality, in both the ingredients and process, and shun industrial short-cuts in the pursuit of truly great drinks. They have made many friends among these producers, in some cases now over three generations, and these brands all have great reputations as a result of their craft methods of production. Their record of innovation is in bringing most of their brands to the UK market for the first time and in their collaboration with bartenders and retail partners developing exciting new spirit libations.