(For Immediate Release) Award-winning Chairman’s Reserve is proud to announce the winner of the 2019 Mai Tai competition, earning themselves a trip of a lifetime to St. Lucia.

The team of Connie Cain and Andy Turner of Milk in Reading topped the voting leader board at London Cocktails Club’s Old Street venue on the 25th September, once again coming out first after winning the 2017 final at London’s Magic Roundabout.

Their Mai Tai creation, ‘Diamond of Dennery’ beat off competition from their three fellow finalists: Twisted Lemon of Brighton, Circle Lounge from Halifax and London Cocktail Club in Shaftesbury Avenue, all of who earnt their way to the final by promoting their twist of Vic Bergeron, AKA ‘Trader Vic’, and his Mai Tai recipe, selling and promoting their serve during the months of July and August.

Diamond Of Dennery (Milk Reading): 30ml Chairman’s Reserve Spiced, 15ml Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum, 25ml fresh lime juice, 30ml Milk Spiced Mix No.5, 2 dashes of peach bitters, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, shake and strain into a Bamboo Tiki, garnish with pineapple.

The final, the 4th to be held since the inauguration in 2016, saw each finalist show off their Mai Tai creations to a packed venue within their own dedicated bar space over the course of the evening. Attendees and VIP’s from across the UK were invited down to experience each entry and cast their vote for their favourite Mai Tai of the evening.

Twisted Lemon created ‘The Chairman’s Preserve’ with Chairman’s Reserve Original and White label, lime, orgeat, salt and a pineapple, passion fruit, mango and nutmeg shrub.

London Cocktail Club went for ‘Boozy Little Mistress’ with Chairman’s Reserve Original and White Label, framboise, curaçao, orange and almond sherbet, lime, orgeat and black walnut bitters.

The Circle Lounge drink was ‘Mountain High Mai Tai’ combing Chairman’s Reserve Original and coconut-infused Chairman’s Reserve Spiced with home-made Chairman’s Reserve banana falernum, lime and a doughnut syrup, topped with a banana meringue and toasted coconut.

Connie and Andy will now fly over to St. Lucia in March 2020 courtesy of the St. Lucian Tourist Board, joining previous winners Alvino’s (Newcastle) and Café Pacifico (London).


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