National Calvados Week returns this October as a whole host of UK bars and restaurants celebrate Calvados Père Magloire and its Normandy roots. National Calvados Week kicks off Monday 15th October until Sunday 21st October, marking the harvesting of the delicious apples for the production of Calvados. During National Calvados Week over 100 bars, shops, supermarkets and independent retailers will have specially curated cocktail menus, Père Magloire range tastings, food pairing, and cooking with Calvados, including the classic serve of Père Magloire and tonic.


To reward all pubs, bars and restaurants who participate within National Calvados Week, Emporia Brands, the UK distributor and creator of National Calvados Week, ask that the Père Magloire and tonic to be on a special, with a complimentary case of tonic to help them promote to their customers. Creativity is key too, with plenty of inspired serves needed to show off the Normandy spirit through a week-long promotional menu. 

Retailers can sign themselves up by participating in the ‘NCW Best Retail Display’. By uploading their display to the campaign’s social media pages of Twitter or Facebook, the best display wins the retailer a bottle of Père Magloire Memoire for their efforts! 

A bottle of Père Magloire Memoire is also up for grabs with the ‘NCW Most Creative Cocktail’ which is to be run on their venues cocktail menu throughout the week. An image of their creation is to be uploaded to the campaign’s social media pages of Twitter or Facebook where the winner will be announced at the end of the promotional week!  

 Père Magloire Calvados Distillery: Open for visits, see ‘The Calvados Experience’ for more information.

Père Magloire Calvados Distillery: Open for visits, see ‘The Calvados Experience’ for more information.



Père Magloire welcomes you warmly to the world of Calvados, the fruit of Normandy. Père Magloire maintains a position as the market leader brand of Calvados broth in France and throughout the world. Making Calvados requires several steps, each step calls on a know-how, a passion and specific skills. Everything begins in orchards where one grows specific apple varieties.

After harvesting, these apples will leave the orchards and cider will be made. Distillation of the cider follows to create the brandy, then, the patient work of the cellar master begins in the secret cellars and the time of ageing has come...

The apples are the pride of Normandy; the temperature climate and the undulating meadows are ideal for the production of cider apples. Single distillation can be achieved through a column still or in a traditional pot still for double distillation, the first distillation is known as ‘petite eau’ and the second as ‘bonne chauffe’.

After distillation the young Calvados enters into the maturing phase in oak barrels. During the ageing the mysterious exchange between the Calvados, air and the tannins of the wood give the distilled spirit its colour, complexity and roundness. 

Register online today to take part in the 2018 National Calvados Week taking place throughout the UK from 14th - 21st October 2018.