From the creator of Hoxton Gin, which has been challenging the traditional perception of Gin since 2012 via its innovation and playful nature since inception, comes Hoxton Pink.

Hoxton Pink, which launches in March 2018, has been lovingly crafted by London based drinks maverick, Gerry Calabrese. Hoxton Pink is a premium gin which has been created using naturally and ethically sourced ingredients including Juniper, Gunpowder Tea, Rosehip, Rose, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orris, Liquorice, Camomile, Elder flower and Hibiscus Sugar. 

With the gin renaissance in full swing and the consumer demand for well-made, innovative and craft spirits is growing, Gerry Calabrese identied that although the major drinks giants have launched similar products, no one in the premium spirit category had been brave enough to go head to head with the them. Until now.

As an independently owned company, Gerry Calabrese utilised the creative freedom to extend the Hoxton Portfolio and to create a pink gin which does not compromise on avour and which continues Hoxton’s Portfolio ethos to rede ne the traditional perception of gin. Of the new line Gerry Calabrese says; “I am really excited to expand the Hoxton Portfolio and even more excited that we have been able to create another premium gin with attitude; one that breaks all of the conventions of avour when it comes to gin, and one that will we hope our consumers won’t be able to get enough of.”

Named after Hoxton, East London, Hoxton Pink’s bold and unwavering attitude re ects that of the creative centre of London. A neighbourhood which boasts a mixture of artists, writers and rock stars mixing seamlessly with super models, fashion designers and entrepreneurs cross pollinating ideas and changing the way everyone else does things; Hoxton Pink echo’s this “anything can happen” attitude and continues to champion innovation, quality and attitude. 







RRP: £33.00