Spirits innovator Emporia Brands and award-winning St Lucia Distillers are proud to announce the latest results from the World Spirits Awards 2018.

Classified now as Distillery of the Year 2018, the Roseau Valley Distillery picks up a Gold Medal, whilst the 6th and latest edition of the premium range of 1931 takes home a Double Gold Medal in both the World Spirits Award 2018 & Spirit of the Year 2018.

Following this saw individual Gold Medals awarded to Admiral Rodney, and each of the Chairman’s Reserve Original, Spiced and Forgotten Cask expressions. 

“St. Lucia Distillers is small, innovative and focussed on quality”, explains company director Michael Speakman. “Producing premium rum is the core focus of our corporate philosophy, and closely related with it are all other market activities. The members of our team are not afraid of taking risks and we innovate. We like to experiment with the production process and are delighted if this results in the creation of world class products.”



The company was founded in 1972 based on two long-established firms: the Barnard Family Estate in Dennery and Geest in the Roseau Valley, which is now home to the current site. Back then, the company was a mass producer of basic rum, but over the years it has developed to become a specialist in premium rum with a comprehensive selection on offer today. Visitors to the St. Lucia Distillers are taken on a journey into the world of rum, where the cultural heritage of this Caribbean island and its traditional rum production are brought to life. From the vats of molasses, which are full of the liquid, aromatic raw material, to the shiny copper tanks and oak casks (Bourbon to Port) to the storage and maturation of the rum. 



Chairman’s Reserve Finest St Lucia Rum is a blend of pot and Coffey still rums from one of the world’s most respected distilleries.  Aged for up to five years in ex-Bourbon casks, it is returned to cask after blending for a further six months.  The resulting rum is delicious on its own, but also works brilliantly as the base for classic rum cocktails. 

Chairman's Spiced rum begins with the original Chairman's Reserve steeped with "Bois Bandé", a local Caribbean bark culturally known for its aphrodisiac qualities. Added to the rum are local spices and fruits such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, allspice, lemon and orange peels. The rum is a blend of Coffey and pot still rums aged and finished with local fruits and spices. It's aged separately by batch and by type of still in ex-Bourbon barrels, then blended and rested in oak vats for an additional six months.
Chairman’s Reserve is widely available, including all online retailers, wine merchants and select supermarkets.



Admiral Rodney is one of the world's finest rums. Made from 100% still rums, Admiral Rodney is St. Lucia distillers flagship in terms of age and complexity. The rum commemorates the English Admiral George Rodney who famously "broke the line" and vanquished the French fleet at the Battle of the Saints in 1782. As further stocks of aged rum come on line they are adding older rums into the blend. Currently the Admiral Rodney blend averages 12 years and they are intending to get to an average age of 15 years in the coming years. 



Saint Lucia Distillers celebrates the inauguration of a new distillery in February 1931 in the Mabouya Valley, near Dennery, in St. Lucia. The distillery was founded by Denis Barnard and produced rum until 1982 when St. Lucia Distilleries was formed out of the merging of the Dennery Distillery and the Roseau Distillery. This history with line drawings is represented on the label and outer box of the brand. Every year the label colour will change and the passing of every year will be reflected in the updating of the labelling, closure coin, bar code and outer packaging.