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Polugar is the true Russian bread wine Brough back to life using the traditional technologies and recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries. It hasn't been produced for the last 120 years!

The lost symbol of the Russian wining and dining traditional is brought back, thanks to the effort of dozens of people who are keen on the idea of restoring the historic justice and bringing back the former popularity of the Russian distillates to the level they were at in their heyday during the era of distillation at manors of noblemen.

Following the traditional recipe found by Boris Rodionov, the range of Single Grain Polugars are true expressions of the historic vodka. The liquid is distilled three times in copper pot stills, which are carefully reconstructed from 18th century drawings. The third distillation is followed by a labour-intensive and expensive egg-white purification process (which was very popular in wealthy Russian upper-class estates in the 18th century) and a long purification of the distillate using birch wood charcoal.

Single Malt Rye Polugar is the true master piece of the legendary Russian breadwinner (historic word for Vodka), it is a unique blend of select single malt rye distillates. This is the finest and most perfect authentic Russian alcohol for experts, gourmets and fine connoisseurs of elite alcohol.

Nose: Bright; rich and bready; aroma of warm home-baked goods, rye crackers, coriander, malt, honey, grains, new grasses and wildflowers; slight sweetness.

Palate: A pleasing complexity, mild taste of fresh rye bread, linden honey, meadow grasses and drains; slight rye bitterness.