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Polugar is a revived historic Russian breadwinner - the progenitor of modern vodka. The production of this alcohol was stopped in 1895 with the enforcement of a state monopoly on alcohol distillation. In the Russian Empire, breadwinner was the name given for a grain distillate, which was a strong alcoholic drink produced by means of distillation in copper pot stills. At the time, rectification of pure ethyl spirit had not yet been invented and this drink carefully preserved the flavour and aroma of its raw materials - namely rye and wheat.

For the Polugar Infused Range, selected Russian rye and wheat grains are used to make a home brew, which is then triple-distilled in a copper pot still reconstructed from 18th and 19th century diagrams. The precious distillate then undergoes thorough refining using natural birch charcoal.

Polugar No.10 Juniper (Old Russian Gin) is produced by classic recipe flavoured vodkas of Russian nobility of the XIX century: triple distillation mash of rye and wheat in the traditional alembic copper still. Before the third distillation, a unique botanical composition is added: juniper, coriander, cumin, fennel, thyme, black cardamom, lemon peel, cinnamon, calamus, cloves, almonds, young pine cones, basil, cranberry, lingonberry and cloudberry. Also involved in the distillation are 12 Siberian herbs and roots that are the secret ingredients of Rodionov & Sons Distillery. Produced prolonged purification by birch charcoal.

Nose: Fresh, pleasant, Christmas tree, rainy pine forest, intense juniper and citrus notes.

Palate: Refreshing, spicy, bright and saturated. Taste of juniper, Siberian herbs, rare spices, wild flowers, wheat and rye bread. Cereal, homemade pastry notes.