Seagram's continues to reign as America's #1. Since the very beginning, Seagram's have proudly made gins in America. Their flagship Extra Dry Gin is a masterful balance of botanicals, among which are juniper berries, sweet and bitter orange, coriander and angelica.

Since 1939, the Seagram's Gin crest represents a commitment to authenticity. The virtue of their spirit is inspired by many generations of those who have found unique expression in their award-winning gin. The intensity and herbaceous nature of juniper, along with mild hints of citrus and balsamic flavours are the sensations that bring Seagram's Gin ingredients distill. 

The finest neutral spirits and hand-selected exotic botanicals are used such as bitter orange and angelica root. Providing from different parts of the world and selected amongst those of excellent quality, the botanicals that shape and give character to Seagram's Extra Dry Gin are juniper, coriander, sweet orange, bitter orange, angelica root and essential oils. Seagram's Gin is a truly unique product, vacuum distillation process is used to allow them to distill at a lower temperature, retaining the delicate botanical flavours.


Nose: A delicate aroma and herbaceous notes, maintaining the signature burst of juniper and exotic botanicals.

Palate: Notes of orange marmalade and spicy pepper on top of gin's characteristic juniper.


70cl - 40% abv

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