Knowledge and expertise of more than 140 years is at the heart of the House of Gabriel Boudier. A name that is now renowned worldwide. Since its foundation in 1874, Gabriel Boudier has invented and diversified into a range of exceptional products that delight enthusiasts. Gabriel Boudier is now synonymous with authentic tastes which we invite you to discover, enjoy and share with us. Saffron Gin: the name alone is an invitation to go on a journey. The recipe goes back a long way: after being re-discovered in the Maison Boudier archives, it resulted in the revival of this unique gin. Saffron Gin is the result of an alliance between Great Britain for its London Dry Gin, India for its spice used extensively in cooking and in religious ceremonies, and French known-how developed by Gabriel Boudier. This original product with exotic notes is manufactured in Dijon and is used in numerous cocktails, as well as Saffron Gin & Tonic - perfect with a slice of Orange.

Nose: On the nose, a delicate saffron presence, combining beautifully with the aromas of juniper, citrus and angelica, lightly floral top notes with an anise base aroma.

Palate: Excellent display on the palate, the saffron prominent but not dominant.