Staritsky & Levitsky are a group of vodka enthusiasts, passionate about reviving the heritage and traditions of authentic, small batch vodka distillation in the historic birthplace of vodka production. After years of field trips, tastings and recipe research in the geographic "vodka belt" of Europe (Russia, Ukraine and Poland), they found - in 2010 - the perfect place for their venture in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, close to the Polish border, where they started the distiller Staritsky & Levitsky. Staritsky Levitsky Private Cellar is an ultra - premium vodka and the high end, limited edition brand extension of S&L's Reserve vodka line. Staritsky Levitsky Private Cellar is a vodka for the true vodka aficionado to savour. The production is completely hand-made and small scale. Its completely creamy and soft taste is achieved by hand picking the grains and by using water with 1ppm natural mineralization and zero PH level. Private Cellar rests for 60 days and hence - is produced in batches of maximum 1000 bottles at a time. Each bottle is hand-labeled and dipped in black wax to seal. It is a true product for the Master Distiller's Private Cellar.

Nose: Light, pure and neutral, slightly warming.

Palate: A dry, round and balanced palate, soft with a light body. A dry, sustainable, medium complexity and duration.