The Barnard family first settled in Saint Lucia in the 1820's and established their distillery gin the 1930's, by making rum from molasses produced by the island's massive sugar plantations. Due to the rise of European sugar beet, the local sugar industry was forced into extinction. This led to negative effects on the island's growing rum trade. With few choices remaining, the last two distilleries formed a joint venture and consolidated their operations to the picturesque Roseau Valley, creating what is known today as St. Lucia Distillers. With the history behind them, Laurie Barnard took it upon himself to restore St. Lucia's rum providence and created Chairman's Reserve, which has re-established the prestige of St. Lucia's rum culture. Chairman's Reserve was first blended in 1999, overseen by then Chairman, Laurie Barnard, as a special project to create a fine quality rum that can represent the iconic style of St. Lucian rum. As a simple one of distinction, Chairman's Reserve starts with selected aged rums of both Coffey column stills and copper port stills, married together after maturation and then re-entered into oak for blending and finishing.

Nose: Typical pot still richness carried by whiffs of cooked banana, caramelised fruits and spicy oak derived vanilla.

Palate: A well-balanced mid-palate provides structure around flavours of chocolate, golden rain, tobacco and clove, which dissipates over a long creamy finish.